Listing guidelines

  1. The bird must have been within the county of Berkshire.
    • Birds in another county but seen from within Berkshire are not countable.
    • Birds seen at locations that were within Berkshire prior to changes to the boundary are not countable.
  2. The bird must have been a species currently accepted by the Berkshire Records Committee, or by the British Birds Rarities Committee.
    • Sub-species, colour morphs and hybrids are not countable.
    • Introduced species may be counted when they meet the requirements for addition to category C. The feral Barnacle Geese and Snow Geese at Moor Green are not considered to be self-sustaining and are not countable.
    • Rarities must be accepted by the relevant committee (either the BBRC or the BRC).
  3. The bird must have been alive, wild, and unrestrained.
  4. Diagnostic field-marks for the bird, sufficient to identify to species, must have been seen.
    • Species only recorded by song/call are not countable.

Year listing

In addition to the four rules above:

Bird racing

In addition to the four rules above:


In addition to the four rules above:


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