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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2022 and 31/12/2022.

30/03/22GLOSSY IBISLands End Lake, Twyford GPs1A B Tomczynski
Cattle egret flushed by something than landed lower down in trees on Island heronry next to a Glossy Ibis - much to my amazement!!  
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1S Hughes
Still present at 15:35 behind fence.  
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1R Crawford
Still present in Thames Water compound.  
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1A Kydd
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
I feel very sorry for all the other birds in the marsh (60+teal, herons egrets gulls Lapwing snipe and more) flushed by idiot twitcher/ photographers who walked out into the marsh. At least one apologised and the ibis had the good sense to hide behind razor wire.  
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1D A MacKenzie Dodds
Feel quite sorry for this bird. If I was it, I'd far rather be in the South of France, than paddling around in a puddle inside a razor-wired waterworks compound on the outskirts of glorious Reading. Hey ho.  
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1M F Walford
Still present (per Dave Fuller).  
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1B T Bennett
Feeding on the marsh.  
26/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1D N Rimes
Flew in to Thames Water compound from North. Puddle now very small!  
25/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1R C Price
Spent most of the morning on flooded grass in Thames Water. Flew onto the marsh at 14:30 for a quick preen and sleep. Flew back to TW at 14:46.  
24/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1R C Price
Feeding on flooded grass by TW entrance.  
24/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1M J Smith
To 11am and then flew off Southish to Fobney island?  
24/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1S Lynch
Still on Thames water flooded grass. 09.20 back on meadow.  
24/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1S Robertson
Still on flooded grass area, seen from bus,.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1J Bishop
On the pond in Thames water enclosure. Great view from the bike path.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1D N Rimes
Still present.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1S Robertson
Back on flooded grass in Thames Water, seen from bus.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1R C Watts
In marsh and then flew over to Thames Water works on pond.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1R C Price
Still present. Alternates between marsh and flooded grass to the left (south) of Thames Water entrance. If on the flooded grass then please view from A33 pavement.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1M F Walford
Still present.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1A B Tomczynski
Just flown back in on to the marsh.  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1A B Tomczynski
Just took off and flown south parrell to A33!  
23/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1A B Tomczynski
Back of marsh preening.  
22/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
Seen feeding for a couple of minutes in the margins of the marsh then flew south. Not currently on the site. Properly glossy in this light!  
20/03/22GLOSSY IBISSearles Farm Lane GP, Burghfield GPs1N J Bucknell
Flying over in NW direction at about 50ft. Picked up by slender shape compared to Cormorant, elliptical shaped body with long trailing legs and long thin neck held straight out in front , small rounded head with long down-curved bill. Wings longer in proportion than Cormorant, further forward on body and slightly down-curved towards rounded tips. Flew direct with regular shallow but slow wing beats - seen for no more than 10-15 seconds in silhouette against clear blue sky. Please only view from the public footpath.  
20/03/22GLOSSY IBISSearles Farm Lane GP, Burghfield GPs1M F Walford
"I am on my WeBS count and just had a Glossy Ibis flying NW over Searles Farm GP towards Southcote." Per Neil Bucknell. Please only view from the public footpath.  
06/03/22GLOSSY IBISFobney Meadow1A V Lawson
Seen (not by me) early this morning. Reported by birders familiar with the species. Despite hours of searching I've been unable to relocate it.