Lockdown listing week 2

7th April 2020 | Marek Walford

More people are getting involved with garden listing and the accumulative total is now 87. The lockdown leader is Dave Carter with an impressive 59, followed by Alan Absolom and Finley Hutchinson on 53, and Andy Tomczynski on 43. With the first migrants arriving now there's plenty of opportunity for the chasing pack to put the pressure on. Anything could fly over. Although nobody saw it, one of the Isle of Wight White-tailed Eagles was tracked flying over Wokingham on Saturday!

If you have any highlights please email me and I'll include them in next week's update. In the meantime I'll give mine. I spent most of Saturday in the garden and saw 31 species, including two garden ticks - Cormorant and Raven. I've also added Grey Heron this week. I've lived in Emmer Green since 2008 but have never been interested in garden listing so still plenty of scope for garden ticks!