Lockdown listing week 6

5th May 2020 | Marek Walford

The accumulative total is 103. The top five are pulling away, with a gap of 10 species between fifth and sixth place.

As a reminder, birds recorded at night don't count. You must hear the bird "live" and not from listening to the recording.

1D A Carter69
2F Hutchinson68Palmer Park, Reading
3A B Tomczynski62Emmer Green, Reading
4H R Netley59Emmer Green, Reading
5D J Barker58
5=A Absolom58Trelleck Road, Reading
6R Sajdak48South View Avenue, Caversham, Reading
7A M Horscroft47Emmer Green, Reading
8M F Walford46Emmer Green, Reading
9A E D Hickman43Craven Road, Newbury
10B Lyle42Upper Bucklebury
10=D Fuller42Islet Road, Maidenhead
11R Righelato36Hamilton Road, Reading
11=M Cooper36Camberley
12F J Cottington33
13D Reynolds32
14R J Godden29Scotland Hill, Sandhurst
15S Truby26Sandhurst
16B Connor25
16=S Stevenson25