Lockdown listing week 7

12th May 2020 | Marek Walford

The accumulative total is 104. Finley moves into first place with the two best birds of the week, Hen Harrier and Crossbill.

From Wednesday 13 May you can "spend time outdoors" and "exercise outdoors as often as you wish - following social distancing guidelines" and "you can travel to outdoor open space irrespective of distance". Putting politics aside, the changes to the guidance means some degree of birding will be possible. Please read the Government guidance and decide for yourself whether you can, or want to take advantage of this.

I started this competition on a bit of a whim to give us something to do while we were all largely confined to our houses. I didn't define when it would end because we didn't know when lockdown restrictions would be relaxed. The change in guidance means we are no longer confined to our houses, so does that signal the end of this competition? Let me know what you think. The garden year list competition will obviously continue.

1F Hutchinson71Palmer Park, Reading
2A B Tomczynski70Emmer Green, Reading
3D A Carter69
4A Absolom60Trelleck Road, Reading
5H R Netley59Emmer Green, Reading
6R Sajdak48South View Avenue, Caversham, Reading
7A M Horscroft47Emmer Green, Reading
7=M F Walford47Emmer Green, Reading
8D Fuller45Islet Road, Maidenhead
9A E D Hickman43Craven Road, Newbury
10=B Lyle43Upper Bucklebury
11M Cooper38Camberley
12R Righelato37Hamilton Road, Reading
13F J Cottington33
13=D Reynolds33
14R J Godden29Scotland Hill, Sandhurst
15S Truby26Sandhurst
16B Connor25
16=S Stevenson25Wokingham