Submit Photographs for The Birds of Berkshire 2017 Annual Report

22nd June 2020 | Andy Tomczynski

The Berkshire Ornithological Club (BOC) is currently compiling the 2017 Annual Bird Report to be published later this year. As a member of the editorial board I am tasked to collate photographs for the report.

If you would like to submit any photos of Berks birds taken in 2017 for potential inclusion in this report, they would be most welcome. Obviously, there will be a limited number that can be selected for publication. Published photos will be acknowledged and credited to the photographer. If not selected photos will be kept on the Berks birds database. We will seek to publish photos of rare and scare birds recorded during the year, and hopefully of a good quality. However, any good quality photos of non-categorised species are also welcome so that the diversity of birds recorded across the county are represented in the report. Photos do not necessarily have to be of single birds. Flocks of birds or birds set in the landscape will also be considered for inclusion.

Please email your photos to me in the first instance, providing the date and location of the bird(s) in question.

To jog your memories, I provide a list of birds below that I know were recorded in 2017. I am sure there will be others I am unaware of.