Berkshire Peregrine Survey 2022

28 February 2022 | Patrick Crowley

I am very grateful to the many birders who helped our survey in 2021. Six known pairs of Peregrines were monitored, though unfortunately due to bad weather, only two pairs raised young. In addition, a single juvenile appeared in July with an adult, from an unknown nest. During the winter two new Peregrine nest boxes were put up, and a third was repositioned, so we are hoping for better things this year. In 2022 we want to:

Ideally there are three main periods for surveys, mid- February to late March to establish the presence of a pair, April to confirm their presence, and June and July to confirm breeding by looking for juveniles. The survey needs no special skills, just some regular time to check out potential or known sites, especially when the young are fledging and learning to fly.

We are asking birders to please continue to report all Peregrine sightings on, or report them to Marek Walford on, and myself on, particularly for confidential sites.

If you feel you can help, please do get in touch with me,

Thank you for your help.

Patrick Crowley