2012 county year listing

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1P E Hutchins186Best finds: R-c. Pochard, Bottom Ln GP's, 04/01, L. Gull (2), Woolhampton GP, 26/03 & Main Pit, 02/10, R. Ouzel, Walbury Hill, 28/03, B. 'start (2), C. Gibbet, 28/03, Osprey, Hambridge Ln, Newbury, 04/04, Firecrest, Swinley Forest, 09/04, R. Ouzel, C. Gibbet, 13/04, five Hobby, Woolhampton GP, 30/04, Whimbrel / Whinchat, QMR, 05/05, five Hobby, Lwr Fm Trout Lk, 01/06, Quail, 23/06, Whinchat / Redstart, Lwr Fm GP, 28/08 & Whinchat, Freeman's Marsh, 01/10 (Self found = 142). Buff-b. Pipit (county tick), C. Egret (Berks. Tick), Fudge., Wryneck (Berks. Tick), Pec., Glauc., Bar-wit (Berks. Tick), Manxie, L Stint (Berks. Tick), J. Snipe, Snob, G. G. Shrike, G N Diver (2), Garganey, B-n. Grebe, Osprey (Berks. Tick), Merlin, L. S. 'pecker, Bittern, Beardies (2), Sanderling, B. 'start (2), S. Curlew (3+), R. Ouzel (4 / 6), Smew (18 / 20), Firecrest (2), five owls, Avocet (2), D-b. Brent (2), Ice., Med., Little (4) & Y.-l. Gull (>20), Waxwing (64), Gropper., Whimbrel (2), Ripit, T. Dove (2), B. Tern (2), Hobby (32), Peregrine (3+), Kite roost, harriers (3+), W. Tit (5+), C. Scoter & R-c. Pochard (4+) otherwise most notable.18/03/2013
2N Cleere18115/12/2012
3R Gilham171Congratulations Mike on such a great find. (UK YL 305, Latest: BB Pipit)14/12/2012
4R Collins16502/01/2013
5I D Paine151Hope to better last years score of 141, guess that makes me serious.15/12/2012
6M Terry130My first year list. Plus heard only tawny owl29/12/2012
7K Creed11503/09/2012
8C Burch114Non serious, West Berks only, did I mention non serious?17/10/2012
9J Hewitt101Not very serious and usually the only place I usually go to in Berkshire is Moor Green Lakes. Happy Birding everyone!! :)19/05/2012
10D W Harrison41first attempt at this not serious just having ago for the back end of the season17/11/2012
11N Humphrey820 or more sparrows now come to feed daily and stay around until evening.10/12/2012
12F J Cottington130/12/2012