2013 county year listing

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1P E Hutchins18228/12/2013
2R Collins17031/12/2013
3I D Paine147Would like to improve on 2012 total. Best bird so far Pallas's Warbler.17/11/2013
4K Creed13111/05/2013
5D Mackenzie124My first attempt at a Berks list despite living in the county my whole life- anything over 100 would be great29/10/2013
6M Terry122130 on my first attempt. Aiming for 150 this year! And combined with FootIt and the Patchwork Challenge, I should have no excuses.29/09/2013
7I Emery92My first ever bird list - encouraged into birding by my good friend Dom Mackenzie, hit my target of 50 in less than a month and revised target of 75 in two months. Now for 100 for the year I think!15/06/2013
8P Foulds7507/11/2013
9N Cleere25Highlights only, with special thanks to Ken and Andy H. Bird of the year = Dotterel.29/10/2013
10D Woods2431/01/2013
11E Skinner123/03/2013