Robert Godden's 2020 year list


Cormorant12/04/2020Scarce fly-by
Grey Heron14/03/2020Scarce fly-by, rare visitor to garden
Mute Swan16/01/2020Two flew over
Canada Goose22/02/2020Two flew overhead
Egyptian Goose12/04/2020Rare fly-by
Mallard14/03/2020Scarce fly-by
Red KiteSeen most days, comes down for scraps
Sparrowhawk12/02/2020Landed on fence. Rare visitor
Buzzard18/01/2020Flew over
Black-headed GullFrequently commutes past
Lesser Black-backed Gull07/03/2020Frequently commutes past
Feral PigeonFour flying around most days
WoodpigeonAround three daily
Collared DoveTwo daily
Great Spotted WoodpeckerOne most days
WrenOne daily
DunnockUp to three daily
RobinUp to three daily
Song ThrushOne occasionally
Redwing12/02/2020Occasional visitor, common nearby
Blackcap06/02/2020Occasional in winter
Chiffchaff12/04/2020Frequent on passage
GoldcrestOne present most days
Long-tailed TitUp to five daily
Coal TitOne or two daily
Blue TitDaily
Great TitDaily
Nuthatch12/02/2020Fairly regular
Jay11/02/2020Almost daily
MagpieTwo daily
JackdawAround four daily
Carrion CrowAlmost daily
Starling05/02/2020Rare in garden, c10 often flying around
House Sparrow23/01/2020Rare in garden, always audible nearby
ChaffinchOne or two occasionally
GoldfinchOne or two occasionally