Queen Mother Reservoir access issues

6 May 2009 | Renton Righelato

Quite a number of people are taking advantage of the access arrangement offered by Thames Water to QMR. As well as allowing BOC permit-holders to go around the whole perimeter of the reservoir, it allows us to visit when the site is closed. Several good birds have been seen there this Spring as a result of the arrangement: Avocet, a number of Black-necked Grebes, several Whimbrel and so on. An information sheet and a permit application form can be downloaded from the BOC website.

In that we have privileged access when the gates are otherwise locked, we are responsible for ensuring security, by keeping them locked. Last week our entry gate was found unlocked; moreover, it is clear that a number of people have been visiting without signing in and out at the BOC hut. We are required to withdraw permits from people who do not observe these basic conditions and Thames Water have made it clear that the access we have depends on us abiding by the permit conditions, so these incidents prejudice the license.

Will permit-holders please ensure that immediately after entry or exit, they put the chain around both gates before inserting the hasp into the lock. Permit-holders must also ensure that they sign in and out in the log book in the BOC hut. If you find the gate unlocked, please let me or another member of the contact team know (contact numbers on the back of the permit).

Renton Righelato
0787 981 2564