Submitting news in the field

16 November 2007 | Marek Walford

I've been using a mobile keyword to allow people to text bird news to me from their mobile phone. Unfortunately the cost of this service has risen and it's no longer viable. So, as of today texting your news to 60300 will no longer work. This service has been well supported so I'd like to offer an alternative.

Anybody with an internet capable phone can submit news using the mobile site. However, if you'd rather just text me then and I'll email you back with my mobile number.

Birds have a habit of disappearing over night so an efficient means of releasing news is important. Because of the unique ability to submit news from anywhere and at any time, along with instant web updates, text messages and email alerts, submitting your news to berksbirds is the most efficient way of informing local birders about rare birds. Please consider doing so next time you are lucky enough to find a rare bird.