Mike Coon

Location: Berkshire

Web site: www.mjcoon.plus.com

Recent sightings reported by Mike Coon

25/06/22KingfisherBray Pit, Bray GPs1M Coon
Perched when I arrived; flew off a few minutes later.  
22/05/22KingfisherBray Lake, Bray GPs1M Coon
Flew across BBOWT reserve pond into the corner, then presumably same bird on reciprocal course a minute or two later. Often seen this over the years and wondered where they are going!  
05/04/22BuzzardGreat Thrift Wood, Cox Green2M Coon
One perched above partial nest at top of tree over path; flew off and was joined by second buzzard (mate?). SU872785.  
05/04/22KingfisherGreat Thrift Wood, Cox Green1M Coon
Flew along The Cut under farm track bridge and over footbridge. SU874781.  
05/04/22KingfisherOckwells Park, Cox Green1M Coon
Flying over a footbridge over a ditch. SU879786.  
05/04/22KingfisherOckwells Park, Cox Green1M Coon
Perched above a stagnant ditch; exactly where I saw one in 2019. SU878786.  

Recent photos by Mike Coon

Common Sandpiper