Ashmore Green

Grid Reference: SU5069

Recent sightings at Ashmore Green

13/08/22Northern BobwhiteAshmore Green1B Lyle
per Judy Whishcombe. This is the third sighting of this species in the last year to the NE of Newbury. Obviously escapes but start of feral population?  
01/08/22NuthatchAshmore Green4C Stewart
2ad 2juv. On peanut feeders, regular visitors over past week. Distinct absence of finches this summer but large numbers of Blue and Great Tits and Sparrows. SU506697.  
29/07/22StarlingAshmore Green10M Stuttard
One adult and nine juveniles lined up side by side on next door's TV aerial.  
26/05/22Stock DoveAshmore Green3M Stuttard
m,f,j. 2 adults plus 1 juvenile on lawn below feeders.  
26/05/22GreenfinchAshmore Green4M Stuttard
m,f,j. Adult pair plus at least 2 juveniles on garden feeders, keeping the Goldfinches at bay.