Lapland Bunting

Recent sightings of Lapland Bunting

Past records of Lapland Bunting

2019Bury Down, first-winter, 19th November. *
2017Lambourn, 22nd December. *
2010Remenham, 16th-17th October.
2007Bury Down, 21st December.
2007Remenham, first-winter, 20th-22nd October.
2003Cookham, 6th October.
2003Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile/first-winter, 4th October.
2002Eton Wick, first-winter, 20th October, same as Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd October and Horton 7th October.
2002Horton, first-winter, 7th October, same as Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd October.
2002Queen Mother Reservoir, first-winter, 2nd October.
1998Horton, 13th-14th October.
1998Slough SF, 7th October.
1995South Ascot, 3rd April.
1993Queen Mother Reservoir, 15th October.
1990Summerleaze GP, 9th December.
1990Holyport, 16th October, 1-2.
1990Windsor Great Park, female/immature, 2nd October.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, 19th January, same as Slough SF, 13th January into February.
1987Slough SF, 13th January, 1 adult 13th January, 2 adult and 1 first-winter 14th January, 1 adult and 2 first-winter 17th January, 2 18th and 20th January, 1m and 1 first-winter present until early February.
1984Slough SF, two, 11th October.
1979Queen Mother Reservoir, 27th-28th January.
1979Summerleaze GP, 1st January.
1967East Ilsley, found dead in April.