Rough-legged Buzzard

Recent sightings of Rough-legged Buzzard

Past records of Rough-legged Buzzard

2019Hurley, 29th September to 8th October. *
2016Woolley Down, 21st October. *
2011Thurle Down, juvenile, 17th March.
2009Combe Hill, second-winter male, 14th February to 13th March.
2005Hurley, probable adult female, 5th November.
1995Combe Hill, 4th January, also 18th March.
1994Combe Hill, 3rd December.
1987Shefford Woodlands, 17th January.
1985Summerleaze GP, 1st December.
1985West Ilsley, 3rd January.
1982Lowbury Hill, 29th December.
1981Combe Hill, 6th December.
1981Combe, two, 11th January to 20th March.
1980Combe Hill, 2nd December, also 19th and 27th December.
1979Wraysbury GPs, 1st January.
1975Combe Hill, three, 16th March, one remaining to 6th April.
1973West Ilsley, 21st November to 21st December.
1973Wraysbury GPs, 17th October.
1971Slough SF, 17th April.
1970Windsor Great Park, 26th December.
1934Cookham Dean, 4th November.
1931Combe, 18th October, and "for some time afterwards".