White-tailed Eagle

Recent sightings

19/03/24WHITE-TAILED EAGLEBurghfield Mill GP, Theale GPs1D N Rimes
imm. Reported to me by non-birder, excellent description though. Flying over Burghfield Road towards Hosehill Lake mobbed by corvids. UPDATE 03/04/24! This sighting was confirmed by the Roy Dennis Foundation to be a female G542 fledged from the Isle of Wight in 2021! .  


White-tailed Eagle
White-tailed Eagle


2023White-tailed Eagle, Southcote, Reading, 7th August. *
2023White-tailed Eagle, Sheep Down (West Ilsley), juvenile, 1st August. *
2023White-tailed Eagle, Walbury Hill, 22nd March. *
2022White-tailed Eagle, Hurley, 23rd December. *
2022White-tailed Eagle, West Ilsley, 20th March. (N Giles)
2022White-tailed Eagle, Combe, 8th March. (M Norman)
2022White-tailed Eagle, Shepherd Meadows, Sandhurst, 16th February. (C R Wilson)
2022White-tailed Eagle, Horseshoe Lake, Sandhurst, 14th February. (A L Moore)
2021[White-tailed Eagle, Reading, 6th September.]
2021[White-tailed Eagle, Newbury, 24th June.]
2021[White-tailed Eagle, Reading, 12th June.]
2021[White-tailed Eagle, Reading, 17th February.]
2020[White-tailed Eagle, Hurst, 6th September. *]
2020[White-tailed Eagle, Wokingham, 4th April. *]
2020[White-tailed Eagle, Hungerford, 3rd April. *]
2020[White-tailed Eagle, East Ilsley, 11th February. *]
1927White-tailed Eagle, South Berks, December.
1887White-tailed Eagle, Rapley Lake, shot.
1865White-tailed Eagle, Windsor Great Park, two, 16th September, immature shot, second bird wounded and captured.
1856White-tailed Eagle, Windsor Great Park, December, shot.
1851White-tailed Eagle, Windsor, shot.