2020 Berkshire garden year listing

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1A B Tomczynski79Emmer Green, Reading Lockdown 67 - except 6 heard live, all seen so far. None from recorded calls overnight as per the rules.09/12/2020
2F Hutchinson77Palmer Park, Reading. Latest: Siskin. Garden lockdown list: 7017/09/2020
3D A Carter69This list is a lockdown garden list only. It’s not a garden year list.05/05/2020
4H R Netley61Emmer Green Lock down list 5903/05/2020
5A Absolom60Seen from my garden holy brook/ fobney meadows 24/3-5/4.Trelleck rd rg16 en. Wood duck 15/408/05/2020
=P O'Neill60All flyovers or seen/heard from garden unless otherwise stated!12/10/2020
7A E D Hickman59Craven Road, Newbury Lockdown total as at 16 April = 34 22 April = 39 24 April = 41 3 May = 43he25/11/2020
8B Lyle58Upper Bucklebury ,Lockdown list 4619/10/2020
9R Sajdak55All birds seen from my garden in South View Avenue Firecrest seen just before lockdown swallow at last no regular chiffchaff or house martin yet now I like to add few birds I seen in my garden before lockdown16/05/2020
=A M Horscroft55Emmer Green, Reading. Lockdown list = 4801/06/2020
11R Murfitt53Finchampstead road: Finchampstead - from March 202011/10/2020
12M F Walford52Emmer Green, Reading. Lockdown list = 4722/11/2020
13D Fuller51My address is Islet Road Maidenhead My lock down list is 4825/05/2020
=R Righelato51Hamilton Road, Reading, RG1 5RA lockdown list 9 July =3909/07/2020
=R H Stansfield51 27/12/2020
16P Hickman47 23/04/2020
17S D Abbott45Mill Ride, North Ascot24/04/2020
18F J Cottington44Lockdown list 33, started on 6th.12/04/2020
=N Cleere44 18/11/2020
20S Lynch41 22/05/2020
21M Cooper40Surrey - Camberley (Very near border) Garden. Lock down list :39 Most recent: Swallow 16/0516/05/2020
22R Keel39 19/04/2020
=J Monkhouse39Downe House School, Hermitage28/04/2020
=P Driver39Mortimer23/05/2020
25R J Godden37Scotland Hill, Sandhurst. Lockdown list = 2912/04/2020
=D Reynolds37Lockdown only27/05/2020
27S Robertson35 09/04/2020
28R C Watts34 22/04/2020
29R Dawson33 07/05/2020
30B Connor28Pre-lockdown: 3 less than total28/03/2020
=S Truby28Sandhurst - 28 Lockdown list - in my garden.04/06/2020
32D Woods26 30/12/2020
33S Stevenson25Lockdown list-Wokingham town centre11/05/2020
34C McEwan24As I'm in deepest Calcot not expecting a great deal.01/04/2020
35M J Dear23 08/04/2020