Recent sightings of Honey-buzzard

Past records of Honey-buzzard

2021Compton Downs, 5th September. *
2021Confidential, 5th June. *
2019East Berks, adult male, 2nd-4th June. *
2018Confidential, male, 18th July to 5th August. *
2017Dinton Pastures CP, 23rd September. *
2017Confidential, 16th August. *
2016Moor Green Lakes, adult male, 27th August.
2016Moor Green Lakes, adult male, 15th August.
2016Windsor Great Park, adult, 5th June.
2015Wildmoor Heath Nature Reserve, 15th August.
2014Moor Green Lakes, dark phase juvenile, 5th September.
2014Eton Wick, 31st August.
2014Cookham, 29th August.
2011Thrift Wood, dark-morph, 16th September.
2011Dorney Wetlands, rufous-morph, 9th June.
2006Theale GPs, juvenile, 15th September.
2006Caversham Heights, Reading, 1st May.
2002Burnthouse Lane GP, dark-morph juvenile, 7th September.
2001Bray, dark-morph, 21st September.
2000Wraysbury GPs, dark-morph juvenile, 2nd October.
2000Theale GPs, 1st October.
2000Slough SF, pale-morph juvenile, 1st October.
2000Eversley GP, 1st October.
2000Cookham Dean, dark-morph juvenile, 1st October.
2000Caversham, rufous-morph juvenile, 30th September.
2000Theale GPs, dark-morph juvenile, 30th September.
2000Widbrook Common, dark-morph juvenile and intemediate-morph, 30th September.
2000Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, dark-morph juvenile, 29th September.
2000Maidenhead, pale-morph juvenile, 27th September.
2000Cookham Dean, pale-morph juvenile, 27th September.
2000Cookham, eight dark-morphs, 25th September.
2000Wellington College, 25th September.
2000Summerleaze GP, 25th September, Two juveniles, same as Cookham.
2000Maidenhead, dark-morph, 25th September, One, same as Cookham.
2000Cock Marsh, dark-morph juvenile, 25th September, One, same as Cookham.
2000Queen Mother Reservoir, pale-morph juvenile, 24th September.
2000Tilehurst, 23rd September.
2000Cookham Rise, Maidenhead, pale-morph juvenile, 23rd September.
2000Cookham Dean, dark-morph, 23rd September.
2000Lavell's Lake, 23rd September.
2000Windsor, 23rd September, One, same as Widbrook Common.
2000Widbrook Common, dark-morph juvenile, 23rd September.
2000Caversham, juvenile, 23rd September.
2000Lavell's Lake, 22nd September.
2000Eversley GP, pale-morph juvenile, 22nd September.
2000West Berks, 5th August.
1994Bracknell, 4th June.
1993Reading, 19th July.
1991Eversley GP, 3rd August.
1989Crowthorne, 8th May.
1984Windsor Great Park, 22nd September.
1981Windsor Great Park, 13th June.
1980Midgham, two, 1st June.
1979Theale GPs, 2nd September.
1976Whiteknights Park, Reading, 8th May.
1975Swinley Forest, 3rd May.
1968Swinley Forest, 16th September.
1965Silwood Park, 8th July.
1964Ham SF, 4th September.
1875Bucklebury, Shot.
1860Windsor Forest, Trapped.
1793Reading, Shot.

Photos of Honey-buzzard