1996Puffin, Inkpen, juvenile, 18th November, taken to Sidlesham Wildlife Hospital, died 23rd/24th.
1978Puffin, Queen Mother Reservoir, immature, about 21st August, found dead two days later.
1971Puffin, Bradfield, early October.
1958Puffin, White Waltham Airfield, 21st October, picked up, released Portsmouth (Hampshire).
1958Puffin, Thatcham Marsh, immature, 17th October to 19th November.
1958Puffin, Bucklebury, immature, 9th October, picked up, released Keyhaven (Hampshire).
1955Puffin, Sindlesham, immature, 16th October, picked up alive, died 11th.
1945Puffin, Datchet GC, immature, 19th December.
1945Puffin, Woodley, immature, 26th September, picked up alive, released Sonning Eye GP (Oxon) where it remained until at least the 28th.
1935Puffin, Theale, 22nd October, picked up, released onto the Thames 25th.
1934Puffin, South Berks, 5th November, picked up.
1933Puffin, Sandhurst, female, 16th March.
1925Puffin, Reading, picked up, late September.
1917Puffin, Shinfield, about 10th February.
1911Puffin, Ascot, immature, 1st November, picked up, died 4th.
1910Puffin, Langley, Slough, 19th November.
1877Puffin, Newbury, seen in a Taxidermists shop window. 17th December.
1810Puffin, Newbury, 16th March, picked up alive, died 31st.