Tundra Bean Goose

Recent sightings of Tundra Bean Goose

Past records of Tundra Bean Goose

2012Horton GPs, 6th February, Same as Great Meadow Pond.
2011Great Meadow Pond, first-winter, 17th December to 5th February 2012.
2007Remenham, 2nd-8th January.
2004Cold Harbour, Knowl Hill, 17, 13th-14th December.
2003Pingewood GPs, five, 25th-26th February.
1997Theale GPs, four, 3rd-15th January, one staying until 30th April.
1996Moor Green Lakes, 14th-21st December.
1985Datchet, two, 20th-21st January.