Great Skua

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Past records of Great Skua

2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 23rd September. *
2014Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 15th October.
2013Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 24th August.
2011Theale GPs, 13th September.
2004Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 22nd-26th September, found dead 27th.
1999Moor Green Lakes, 3rd July.
1987Tilehurst, 17th October, picked up, released Dinton Pastures.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, 17th October.
1987Queen Mother Reservoir, two, 16th October, with a third unidentified bird, considered to be a probable Pomarine Skua.
1984Holyport, 7th January.
1980Theale GPs, 28th September.
1980Theale GPs, 6th January.

Photos of Great Skua

Great Skua
Great Skua