Andrew Taylor

Location: Pangbourne


Recent sightings

05/07/24YellowhammerPangbourne STW1A Taylor
Singing in tall tree just east of Sul brook and north of STW. A relatively scarce observation this year in a traditional area for this species.  
03/07/24Ring-necked ParakeetPangbourne5A Taylor
Flying noisily in a tight group over our garden close to the Pang meadows. A suddenly increasing presence in this area - maybe they have finally made the leap over Reading!  
28/06/24SwiftPangbourne12A Taylor
Screaming party, occasionally in very tight formation, flying low over south side of village.  
17/06/24Ring-necked ParakeetPangbourne3A Taylor
2 adult, 1 juv. In tall trees at eastern end of allotments by Pang meadows. One adult feeding juvenile at end of branch.  
17/06/24Little EgretPangbourne6A Taylor
In trees surrounding flooded fields between R. Pang and A340 Tidmarsh Road. Also 2 Grey Heron.  
15/06/24LapwingPangbourne12A Taylor
Flew up from large field between railway and A329, much closer to the road than normal sightings but wide-ranging over the field when disturbed.  
15/06/24House MartinPangbourneA Taylor
No birds seen yet this year around the police station, which may have been the last nest site in urban Pangbourne.  
09/06/24CuckooPangbourne1A Taylor
Calling from Pang meadows south of village.  
09/06/24Little EgretPangbourne4A Taylor
In Pang meadows both sides of river. One flew up from flooded channel in same field as Cattle Egret, three in trees near flooded area close to A340 Tidmarsh Road.  
09/06/24Cattle EgretPangbourne1A Taylor
Still in and around the field immediately south of the allotments. Quite mobile, on ground very close to cattle for a time, then flew off south.  

Recent photos

Black-headed Gull