Michael Hubbard

Location: Watford

Email: michaelhubbard50@gmail.com

Recent sightings

18/07/24KingfisherNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1M J Hubbard
Flew upstream of Bailey Bridge calling loudly. SU802622. Please only view from the public footpath.  
18/07/24Green SandpiperNew workings, Moor Green Lakes2M J Hubbard
Seen together from Bailey Bridge another calling to east but out of view due to tall vegetation. SU802622. Please only view from the public footpath.  
17/06/24Willow WarblerWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest1M J Hubbard
17/06/24Tawny OwlWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest2M J Hubbard
17/06/24WoodcockWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest2M J Hubbard
Seen roding over trees to the west. SU875620.  
17/06/24NightjarWishmoor Bottom, Swinley Forest7M J Hubbard
Minimum...2churring near Barossa Nature Reserve entrance. 3 others churring simultaniously further north with 2 others hawking overhead uttering a shrill call. Members of Surrey Bird Club were also out here tonight doing a Nightjar survey & recorded 15 for the Wishmoor sektor alone. SU875620.  
12/06/24Lesser WhitethroatWaltham St Lawrence1M J Hubbard
NOT Eastern ( tapped wrong selection just now ). SU832764.  
07/06/24Little OwlHurst1M J Hubbard
Seen on telegraph pole beside Ivy covered barn on Pound Lane. SU809722.  
02/06/24NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley ForestM J Hubbard
No Nightjar heard this evening but spoke to Forest warden around 10pm who told me he lives beside Rapley Lake to the east of the forest & he's hearing them regularly around there atm .  
02/06/24StonechatCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest1M J Hubbard
Beteen Caesars Camp & Upper Star point.  

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