Marsh Warbler

Recent sightings

31/05/24Marsh WarblerSpeen Moor Plantations1A B Merrick
Negative news
No further sign. SU451674.  
31/05/24Marsh WarblerSpeen moors1N Cleere
m. Singing briefly either side of narrow gravel track and seen in flight. Not heard for last 10 minutes. SU451673.  


1997Marsh Warbler, Theale GPs, male, 11th-12th June.
1995Marsh Warbler, Bray GPs, male, 12th June to 8th July.
1993Marsh Warbler, Thatcham Marsh, male, 22nd May to 12th June.
1989Marsh Warbler, Dinton Pastures CP, male, 11th June.
1979Marsh Warbler, Burghfield GPs, adult, 9th July.
1974Marsh Warbler, Burghfield GPs, two adults and one juvenile, 8th August, also adult collecting food 10th August. (J. E. Hunt)
1963Marsh Warbler, Thatcham Marsh, male, 23rd June.
1943Marsh Warbler, West Berks, 19th June, nest found.
1923Marsh Warbler, West Berks, bred.
1918Marsh Warbler, Wargrave, 6th July, nest found.
1918Marsh Warbler, Pangbourne, 27th May, nest found.
1909Marsh Warbler, Wraysbury, 14th June, nest found, 2nd nest found 30th June.