Recent sightings

30/03/24MerlinLavell's Lake, Dinton Pastures CP1F J Cottington
m. Flew very low (circa 2m off ground), very fast over landfill, North to South, viewing from new Landfill View Point, rose up over Lavell's then went SE, over DAC circled once and on SSW.  
21/03/24MerlinWellington College1H Wright
male. Edge of gold course. Small blue grey falcon. Rapid low flight. Close to area where siskin and redpoll are flocking. First in 10 years at college for me.  




2023Merlin, Wellington College, 24th December. *
2023Merlin, Eastbury Fields, male, 5th November. *
2023Merlin, Lea Farm Lake, 30th October. *
2023Merlin, Finchampstead Ridges, male, 13th October. *
2023Merlin, Lea Farm Lake, 8th October. *
2023Merlin, Hurley, 4th October. *
2023Merlin, Englefield, female/juvenile, 9th September. *
2023Merlin, Bury Down, female/immature, 27th March. *
2023Merlin, Fobney Meadow, male, 16th February. *
2023Merlin, Brimpton Airfield, probable immature male, 9th February. *
2023Merlin, Cow Down, West Ilsley, probable immature female, 31st January. *
2023Merlin, Jouldings Farm, Farley Hill, 30th January. *
2023Merlin, Sulhamstead, first-winter, 16th January. *
2022Merlin, Englefield, 6th December. (P W Driver)
2022Merlin, Queen Mother Reservoir, 26th November. (P J Newbound)
2022Merlin, Bradfield, 18th October. *
2022Merlin, Bury Down, 16th October. (N J Bucknell)
2022Merlin, Waltham St Lawrence, 14th October. *
2022Merlin, Englefield, 9th October. (A B Merrick)
2022Merlin, Inkpen Hill, 3rd April. (A B Merrick)
2022Merlin, Compton Downs, 5th February. (A B Tomczynski)
2021Merlin, Roden Downs, 20th November. (N J Bucknell)
2021Merlin, Woolley Down, 14th November. (G D Scholey)
2021Merlin, Cow Down, West Ilsley, 2nd November. (A B Tomczynski)
2021Merlin, Lambourn, 2nd-29th November. (C D R Heard)
2021Merlin, Bray GPs, 27th October. (C D R Heard)
2021Merlin, Compton Downs, 29th August. (R Righelato)
2021Merlin, Roden Downs, 25th August. (C D R Heard)
2021Merlin, Queen Mother Reservoir, 19th August. (A B Tomczynski)
2021Merlin, Streatley, 13th February. (N J Bucknell)
2020Merlin, Woolley Down, 19th December. (G D Scholey)
2020Merlin, Sandhurst GPs, 10th December. *
2020Merlin, Frost Folly, 5th December. *
2020Merlin, Theale, 5th December. *
2020Merlin, South Fawley, 4th November. (A B Tomczynski)
2020Merlin, Englefield, 25th October. *
2020Merlin, Cow Down, West Ilsley, 20th September. (A B Tomczynski)
2020Merlin, Lavell's Lake, 8th August. *
2020Merlin, Burghfield, 14th March. (A B Tomczynski)
2020Merlin, Streatley, 4th February. *
2020Merlin, Bury Down, 29th January. (P Brant)
2020Merlin, Great Shefford, 17th January. *
2020Merlin, Compton Downs, 4th January. (R Righelato)
2020Merlin, Aldworth, 2nd January. (A B Tomczynski)
2019Merlin, Aldworth, 2, 30th December. (D N T Rimes)
2019Merlin, Woolley Down, 29th December. (G D Scholey)
2019Merlin, Roden Downs, 23rd December. (A B Tomczynski)
2019Merlin, Bury Down, 18th December. (D J Barker)
2019Merlin, Parkfarm Down, Upper Lambourn, 18th December. (D J Barker)
2019Merlin, Walbury Hill, 21st October. (I L G Weston)
2019Merlin, Queen Mother Reservoir, 9th October. (D J Barker)
2019Merlin, Marsh Benham, 10th April. (A E D Hickman)
2019Merlin, Brimpton GP, male, 18th March. *
2019Merlin, Englefield, 27th January. (J Legg, I L G Weston)
2018Merlin, Eastbury, 31st December. *
2018Merlin, Roden Downs, 2nd November. (A B Tomczynski)
2018Merlin, Weathercock Hill, 5th October. (C D R Heard)
2018Merlin, Wargrave, 18th February. *
2018Merlin, M4 J8/9, 9th February. *
2018Merlin, Cow Down, West Ilsley, 10th-25th January. (J C Morgan)
2017Merlin, Bury Down, 7th December. *
2017Merlin, Stanmore, 3rd December. (G D Scholey)
2017Merlin, Cold Harbour, Knowl Hill, 6th November.
2017Merlin, Remenham Hill, 2nd November. (C D R Heard)
2017Merlin, Winnersh, 2nd November. *
2017Merlin, Streatley, 22nd October.
2017Merlin, Lower Farm GP, 5th-7th October.
2017Merlin, Queen Mother Reservoir, female/juvenile, 21st September. (C D R Heard)
2017Merlin, Combe, 8th April. *
2017Merlin, Queen Mother Reservoir, 22nd March. (C D R Heard)
2017Merlin, Lower Farm GP, 2nd March. *
2017Merlin, Queen Mother Reservoir, 2nd March.
2017Merlin, Lambourn, 9th February. *
2017Merlin, Cow Down, West Ilsley, 6th February. *
2017Merlin, Lilley, 28th January. *
2017Merlin, Lambourn, 18th January. (C D R Heard)
2017Merlin, Bury Down, 17th January. (A B Tomczynski)
<2017Merlin, Confidential.