Recent sightings of Gannet

27/09/14GannetDorney Wetlands, Jubilee River1D A Carter
imm. Flew NE over jubilee river heading towards Slough at 09.40 hours.  
28/07/13GannetQueen Mother Reservoir1M F Walford
ad. Flew high east (per Mike McKee). Permit holders only.  
28/07/13GannetQueen Mother Reservoir1M F Walford
ad. Circling to the north over Wraysbury Reservoir (per Mike McKee and Andy T). Permit holders only.  
28/07/13GannetWraysbury GPs1M F Walford
Per but no further details!  
18/06/11GannetQueen Mother Reservoir1C Lamsdell
per Birdguides flew off shortly after obs. Permit holders only.  
09/10/10GannetQueen Mother Reservoir1F J Cottington
juv. Still present (per Jerry O'Brien) found by CDRH earlier. Permit holders only.  
26/09/10GannetHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1D Pottinger
juvenile flew over heading west.  
26/09/10GannetLea Farm Lake1C Dodington
juv. Flew in pursued by crows. Landed on water and was surrounded by Canada Geese which occasionally pecked at it. Stayed for 20mins then flew off circling the lake several times then off north.  
06/10/09GannetBritish Airways Pit, Wraysbury GPs1F J Cottington
juv. Seen in flight briefly, heading from Heron Lake area towards BA/Station/Village Pit, not refound at any of these lakes (Seen with TAG).  
06/10/09GannetWraysbury GPs1M F Walford
juv. on pit betwen B376 and the M25 (  

Past records of Gannet

2018Queen Mother Reservoir, 3, 24th September. *
2014Dorney Wetlands, immature, 27th September.
2013Wraysbury Reservoir (Surrey), sub-adult, 28th July, flew into Berkshire.
2011Queen Mother Reservoir, adult, 18th June.
2010Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 9th October.
2010Lea Farm Lake, juvenile, 26th September.
2010Theale GPs, juvenile, 26th September.
2009Queen Mother Reservoir, juvenile, 6th October, same as Wraysbury GP, 5th-6th October.
2009Wraysbury GPs, juvenile, 5th-6th October.
2009Jubilee River, juvenile, 5th October, same as Wraysbury GP and Queen Mother Reservoir.
2008Dinton Pastures CP, adult, 10th September.
2007Queen Mother Reservoir, sub-adult, 3rd December.
2007Berkshire Downs at Aldworth, two juveniles, 28th September.
2005Windsor Great Park, adult, 26th-27th July.
2004Dinton Pastures CP, second-summer, 2nd-3rd July, taken into care 3rd but died over night.
2001Theale GPs, adult, 2nd August, found dead.
2001Colnbrook, adult, 15th May.
1998Windsor Great Park, immature, 6th October.
1988Yateley, immature, 27th August.
1987Coley Park, 6th February.
1981Horton GPs, 27th April.
1981Theale GPs, adult, 27th April.
1980Whiteknights Park, Reading, adult, 27th October.
1980Reading, adult, 29th April.
1979Queen Mother Reservoir, 26th November.
1972Jealott's Hill, fourth-year, 26th May, picked up.
1971Basildon, juvenile, 22nd September, picked up injured.
1958Hermitage, second-summer, 1st October, found dead.
1952East Ilsley, adult, 15th October, found exhausted.
1917Aldermaston, 13th March, captured and released on the lake.
1902Grazeley, adult male, 20th May, shot.
1876Hungerford, 14th April.
1876Reading, 25th March, captured.
1875Sandleford Park, shot.
1865Newbury, 13th March, found exhausted.