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You searched for all sightings reported between 01/01/2022 and 31/12/2022.

01/07/22NightjarGreenham Common1S Scott
male. Seen on the BBOWT Nightjar walk. Churred briefly but appeared to be feeding. SU484649. Please keep to the main paths.  
29/06/22NightjarWestrop Wood1S D Barnett
adult/male. Churring male in area clear felled and replanted a couple of years ago and deer fenced. Perfect nightjar habitat. Due to date possibly a breeding pair and young present but unable to confirm. SU516708.  
29/06/22NightjarPeckmoor Copse, Greenham Common2M J Dear
With NAD.  
16/06/22NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest4R Dawson
At least 3 at CC, another at Hut Hill.  
22/06/22NightjarCrowthorne Wood2R J Godden
m. One churring at SU851648, and another to the south at approx SU849645.  
17/06/22NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest2M J Hubbard
1 churring to north of Camp then another started up south, towards Hut Hill. SU864657.  
17/06/22NightjarSwinley Forest3M J Hubbard
1 male filmed churring from Pine in clearing on path between Upper Star Post & Caesar's Camp only leaving tree when another male started further along then returning to same tree a third started up on the other side of the path and he duly did the same with plenty of wing clapping. SU866651.  
17/06/22NightjarSwinley Forest1M J Hubbard
Heard churring just n/w of Upper Star Post. SU870646.  
16/06/22NightjarBucklebury Common2B Lyle
probably more.  
16/06/22NightjarRoundoak Piece2P Hickman
One bird churring from centre of fenced area and one distant west of fenced area. No sightings.  
15/06/22NightjarUfton Nervet2P W Driver
At least two present, churring and kuicking at Church Plantation. A male showing well with close passes then settled to chur from a branch on one of the taller pines. (Seen with NDOC walk).  
12/06/22NightjarUfton Nervet2P Hickman
At Church Plantation.  
12/06/22NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest2R Dawson
10/06/22NightjarCrookham Common1M J Taylor
m. Churring, Crookham Common Restoration Area, on BBOWT survey. SU522643. Please keep to the main paths.  
07/06/22NightjarUfton Nervet3P Hickman
Possibly four males seen on TABCG walk at Church Plantation.  
06/06/22NightjarBucklebury Common2G Stewart
3 heard churring in differing locations maybe the same bird?. One seen flying and another heard churring simultaneously. 3 good and close but separate sightings of Nightjar perched in nearby tree and on telegraph pole.  
06/06/22NightjarUfton Nervet2P Hickman
m. Two churring at Church Plantation.  
06/06/22NightjarUfton Nervet1A B Merrick
Churring from Church Plantation.  
28/05/22NightjarGreenham Common4N Sluman
Please keep to the main paths.  
28/05/22NightjarRoundoak Piece1P Hickman
m. Churring from inside the fenced area. Not much Nighjar activity.  
26/05/22NightjarWindsor Forest1D Sussex
Churring in young plantation - private area just north of Ascot racecourse.  
26/05/22NightjarSwinley Forest3D Sussex
3+ churring birds at Lower Star and Old Bracknell Road clearings. At least additional 8 churring birds between Rapley - Surrey Hill general areas on previous evening.  
24/05/22NightjarHut Hill, Swinley Forest2S Stevenson
Churring, not seen. I increasingly feel that this is no longer a suitable nesting site for Nightjar: the combination of a large number of dog walkers with off-lead dogs, increasing light and noise pollution from Forester Way and the growing conifers meaning there is less open scrub. But still they come all the way from Africa and churr their little hearts out, bless 'em. SU855657.  
23/05/22NightjarBucklebury Common2G Stewart
4 or 5 good separate sightings male and females. Two heard churring simultaneously probably the same birds.  
22/05/22NightjarPadworth Common1P Hickman
Churring near the main road.  
21/05/22NightjarBucklebury Common3R Crawford
Possibly four, superb views of two birds circling above our heads.  
20/05/22NightjarRoundoak Piece2R C Watts
Late news from last night heard two Nightjars chirring at 9:25 then one bird flew within 10 feet where we were standing nearly over our heads seen with Richard.Bert. and Mark.  
19/05/22NightjarGreenham Common2M Violette
Please keep to the main paths.  
18/05/22NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest1D Claydon
1 seen in flight and in a tree 10 yards away. Churring in 4 locations in the area.  
18/05/22NightjarSwinley Park1S D Abbott
m. Churring male seen first in flight.  
16/05/22NightjarRoundoak Piece1R Hanson
just across in hundred acre piece from trees across to open land and return.  
16/05/22NightjarRoundoak Piece2R Hanson
heard churring 2 locations.  
13/05/22NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest1J E Warren
male. started Churring at 9 pm then not much. NOTE was in North West corner. SU862658.  
13/05/22NightjarWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve2J Carson
Churring and swooped over. Great views of the white dots on wings and tail. SU844628.  
13/05/22NightjarRoundoak Piece2P W Driver
Update. One churring in the corner of the fenced area furthest from road, a second one churring in the clearer area toward Silver Lane, eventually seen on the wing (at SU630655) . SU632655.  
12/05/22NightjarWildmoor Heath Nature Reserve1J Carson
1 probably 2 churring from 9pm - 9.30pm. Heard in 2 places separately, but close enough to have flown in the few minutes between.  
12/05/22NightjarSwinley Forest2D Tainton
2 possible calling, one seen 9.35.  
10/05/22NightjarRoundoak Piece2P Hickman
Both flew from the enclosed area to the wood on the west side.  
08/05/22NightjarCaesar's Camp, Swinley Forest2B Knowles
2 birds for sure, possibly 3. Churring & Clapping very well, highly inquisitive to my presence with a bird coming some 6ft away. Alarming lack of Woodcock.  
08/05/22NightjarSwinley Park3S D Abbott
Churring male in same tree as previous years. Then in flight over my head before landing next to me on the path! Two birds in flight and another heard distantly.  
06/05/22NightjarUfton Nervet1P Hickman
Churring in south east area of Church Plantation.  
03/05/22NightjarSwinley Forest1D Tainton
2 heard-one seen. 9.38 pm.  
03/05/22NightjarUfton Nervet1A B Merrick
Stopped car on Camp road by Church Plantation, turned engine off and heard Nightjar calling (not churring).  
03/05/22NightjarMarsh Benham1M Stuttard
Heard churring south of car park at the Red House Pub.