White Stork

Recent sightings

06/06/24WHITE STORKNewbury1A E Hickman
Just flown over the town shadowed Peregrine, circled and eventually headed north!  
14/05/24WHITE STORKWindsor Great Park2D Sussex
2 together on flooded grass fields on farmland to east of The Long Walk north of Albert Road. Photos taken.  
04/05/24WHITE STORKNew workings, Moor Green Lakes1S Huggins
Flew over from west to east, circled over the new workings and then eventually flew back off to the west. Very good views. Photo in gallery. Seen with other birders (one said they'd add it to RBA). Please only view from the public footpath.  
04/05/24WHITE STORKHosehill Lake, Theale GPs1R Holder
Seen with PJH Soaring then moving west .  
25/04/24WHITE STORKKennetmouth1S Huggins
Flew over as I was watching the peregrines. Flew towards the rowing lake. Photo in gallery here.  
20/04/24WHITE STORKTheale M41M Scarlett
Fairly sure. Large white bird, long legs, long neck and black wing tips flying over M4 between Theale and Newbury. I was driving at the time. SU601737.  
11/04/24WHITE STORKChapel Green1M F Walford
Photos on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1509838572657723/search/?q=stork&locale=en_GB (per Eddie Napper).  
29/03/24WHITE STORKShinfield Grange2R Keel
In flood north of petrol station. Seen by DRK. Flew off east towards Arborfield.  
27/03/24WHITE STORKBurghfield Common2M J Smith
See pictures on Berks Orni Club Facebook page, not my sighting.  


White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork
White Stork


2022White Stork, Henley-on-Thames (Oxon), 3, 2nd May. *
2022White Stork, Theale GPs, 23rd April. (S A Graham)
2022White Stork, Fleethill Farm, 21st April. (J D Savage)
2022White Stork, Moss End, 2, 17th April. (L R Blundell)
2022White Stork, Frost Folly, 20th March. (R Dawson)
2022White Stork, Dinton Pastures CP, 20th March. (S Bartlam)
2022White Stork, Reading Services, 19th March. (C F Brown)
2022White Stork, Thatcham Marsh, 19th March. (B Philpott)
2022White Stork, Emmer Green, 19th March. (J & B Craigie)
2021White Stork, Pangbourne STW, 22nd April. (M Winkworth)
2020[White Stork, Midgham, 14th July to 24th August.]
2020[White Stork, Cookham, 3rd June. (B Palmer, J Savage)]
2020[White Stork, Fobney Meadow, 2, 19th-20th May. (R C N Price)]
2020[White Stork, Newbury, 24th April. (A E D Hickman)]
2020[White Stork, Moss End, 23rd April. (L R Blundell)]
2020White Stork, Beale Park, 16th March. *
2020[White Stork, Moor Green Lakes, 16th March. (M T Keel)]
2019[White Stork, Greenham Common, 2, 7th May. (K. Phillips, O. Phillips)]
2019[White Stork, Thatcham Marsh, 8th April. (B. J. Walker)]
2019[White Stork, Reading, 21st March. (T. Sweetland)]
2019[White Stork, Beale Park, 17th January, same as Knowl Hill. (J Berry)]
2019[White Stork, Knowl Hill, 15th January. (T. Haymes)]
2014White Stork, Burghfield GPs, 14th September. (D. Hammant)
2014White Stork, Enborne, 15th June. (S. Tompkins)
2014White Stork, Swallowfield, 24th April to 2nd May. (N. Rampton)
2004White Stork, Bray, first-summer, 31st March to 1st April, flying over the M4 then seen flying over several sites in the Windsor area. (B. T. Bennett)
2000White Stork, Englefield, 22nd May.
1996[White Stork, Jealott's Hill, 18th September.]
1990[White Stork, Thatcham, two, 24th August.]
1978[White Stork, Reading, adult, 8th-10th August.]
1975White Stork, Walbury Hill, 16th March.
1968White Stork, Ham Island, 2nd November.