Recent sightings

17/05/24GarganeyChamberhouse Marsh2A B Merrick
pair. With drake Blue-winged Teal on flood on west side of track running south from canal.  
17/04/24GarganeyBurghfield Mill GP, Theale GPs1J E Andrews
male. Viewed from gap in hedge Road side.  




2023Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, juvenile, 17th-24th September. *
2023Garganey, Lower Farm GP, juvenile, 2nd September. *
2023Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 13th-25th August. *
2023Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 5th-22nd April. *
2023Garganey, Theale GPs, male, 4th-8th April. *
2023Garganey, Lavell's Lake, male, 18th-24th March. *
2022Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 20th September to 7th October. (R J Godden)
2022Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, 20th-27th August. (F J Cottington)
2022Garganey, Theale GPs, 13th August. (A B Merrick)
2022Garganey, Lea Farm Lake, 30th-31st July. (F J Cottington)
2022Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 3rd May. (S Ricks)
2022Garganey, Fobney Meadow, 2, 2nd May. (A B Tomczynski)
2022Garganey, Fobney Meadow, 26th March. (R Crawford)
2022Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 21st March. (N Dalton, M J Dear)
2022Garganey, Woolhampton GPs, 5, 19th March. (J Taylor)
2021Garganey, Fleethill Farm, 19th September. (R J Godden)
2021Garganey, Eton Wick, 13th-17th July. (C D R Heard)
2021Garganey, Wraysbury GPs, 3rd April. (C D R Heard)
2021Garganey, Horton Brook Quarry, 3, 20th March. (C D R Heard)
2020Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 28th October. *
2020Garganey, Burghfield GPs, 20th September. *
2020Garganey, Eton Wick, 13th September. (D Cleal)
2020Garganey, Great Meadow Pond, juvenile, 26th June to 2nd August. (D J Barker)
2020Garganey, Eton Wick, 13th-14th June. (M F Walford)
2020Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 15th May. (J D Savage)
2020Garganey, Martin's Heron, Bracknell, 2, 28th April. (M A Johnstone)
2020Garganey, Dorney Wetlands, 2, 23rd March. (K Rhodes)
2020Garganey, Padworth Lane floods, 2, 22nd-23rd March. (P Hickman)
2020Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 2, 18th March. (G J Stewart)
2019Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, 6th-7th November. (R Marsh)
2019Garganey, Holybrook Linear Park, Calcot, 2, 27th August. *
2019Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, 26th August to 6th September. (P J Newbound)
2019Garganey, Lea Farm Lake, 6th-31st August. (A B Tomczynski)
2019Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, 30th April to 6th May. (Joe T)
2019Garganey, Padworth Lane GP, 31st March. *
2019Garganey, Burghfield GPs, 2, 29th March to 2nd April. (R Price)
2019Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 2, 22nd March. (N Cleere)
2018Garganey, Wraysbury GPs, 28th October. (C D R Heard)
2018Garganey, Burghfield GPs, 18th August. *
2018Garganey, Eton Wick, 12th August to 4th September. (D Cleal)
2018Garganey, Lea Farm Lake, 28th June to 3rd July. (F J Cottington)
2018Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 2, 9th-10th June. (I L G Weston, J Legg, J E Andrews, N Cleere)
2018Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 2, 7th-9th June. (R C Murfitt)
2018Garganey, Fobney Meadow, 2, 25th May. (A B Tomczynski)
2018Garganey, Theale GPs, 22nd-26th May. (J E Andrews)
2018Garganey, Great Meadow Pond, 13th May. (D J Barker)
2018Garganey, Horton Field Pits, 2, 7th May. (C D R Heard)
2018Garganey, Moor Copse, 2, 12th April. *
2018Garganey, Fobney Meadow, 4, 2nd April. (A B Tomczynski)
2017Garganey, Lea Farm Lake, 26th September to 8th October.
2017Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, 18th September.
2017Garganey, Heron Lake, male, 31st August. (C. D. R. Heard)
2017Garganey, Queen Mother Reservoir, 24th August to 6th September.
2017Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 2, 18th June. (N Cleere)
2017Garganey, Moor Green Lakes, 7th May.
2017Garganey, Theale GPs, 30th April. (A B Tomczynski)
2017Garganey, Burghfield GPs, 23rd April. (J E Andrews)
2017Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, female, 18th-26th April.
2017Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, male, 12th-18th April.
2017Garganey, Lower Farm GP, 8th April to 7th May.
2017Garganey, Padworth Lane GP, 5th April. (K E Moore)
2017Garganey, Thatcham Marsh, 2, 29th March. *
2017Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, female, 24th-29th March.
2017Garganey, Fobney Meadow, 2, 17th March to 26th April.
2017Garganey, Dinton Pastures CP, male, 11th-17th March.
<2017Garganey, Confidential, many records.