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25/04/22WHITE STORKOARE - Oarborough lane just N of M$1D J Mills
"POSSIBLE only seen very briefly from car passenger seat heading Ebnd towards Theale ** Revised location after rechecking landmarks today -100% sure of Grid ref :- dropping down hedge height landing behind hedge , large bird with jet black wings and upright white head roughly on north side of carriageway - can't think of what else it might be. SU503742.  
23/04/22WHITE STORKBottom Lane Floods (N), Theale GPs1S A Graham
Initially grazing field to west of weir but flighted west and just about to retrace my steps - no obvious rings but presumably rewilding bird.  
21/04/22WHITE STORKFleethill Farm1J D Savage
Flew at a little over tree height in a southeastward direction over the lake nearest the water treatment works, chased by a gull. Disappeared behind trees as it flew over the WTW, then reappeared soaring in circles, drifting slowly south. Photograph provided. Private site, view only from footpath.  
17/04/22WHITE STORKMoss End2L R Blundell
Heading N towards Maidenhead.  
19/03/22WHITE STORKReading Services1C Forster brown
Brief views when we were leaving the services, bird heading east. Potentially a Knepp bird. Seen later at Thatcham Marsh.  
20/03/22WHITE STORKFrost Folly1R Dawson
Alerted by reports of a Stork flying towards Bracknell from Lower Earley and Dinton Pastures about 15 minutes earlier, I scanned the sky high to the S in the direction of Bracknell from near the car park at Frost Folly and picked up a large bird much bigger than the local Kites probably about a mile away. It circled a few times before drifting off to the E. I could only see it in silhouette due to height and roughly towards the sun, but it clearly showed a long neck held straight out, a long bill much broader at the base, long wings held flat and with legs trailing out behind.  
19/03/22WHITE STORKNature Discovery Centre, Thatcham Marsh1B Philpott
Large number of red kite circling around. Whilst I was watching those a white stork came low over the car park at not much above tree height. It came over my head and then ESE towards Thatcham. I quickly lost it behind the trees. My family then walked around the lakes over the railway to the canal and turned left towards Thatcham. I again saw the stork at a distance the far side of the canal over the wet meadows flying towards what I believe is the Greenham Common direction. This was about 30 or 40 minutes after the first sighting. Presumably a Knepp project bird but I couldnt see any ring markings etc. SU506669.